About the Company
Beijing Zhongchenhongchang Technology Co. Ltd (or Zhongchen Technology) is a high-tech enterprise that integrates scientific research, products development and manufacturing, aiming to achieve electricity information collection products’ research, production and sales. It is one of the professional technology and service providing companies.
Our products have been widely accepted by many users, and also widely used in communication, industrial instruments, industrial control and other high-tech fields. We take it as our responsibility to ensure quality of products, help customers toimprove system performance, reduce risk of products development, reduce system costs, and shorten production cycles , and we provide high-quality products and warm service with world’s leading standard for our customers.
Over 20 million chips of the Carrier Chips Program of Zhongchen Technology hasalready been successfully runningonline.
Product Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services
International Advanced Workmanship and Equipment Selection
ISO International Quality, Environment and Safety System
ERP Information-based Supply Chain Management Pattern
7 * 24 Hours Instant Response to Field Service
Technical Capacity
Zhongchen Technology has ability to design and manufacture products independently, with complete intellectual property right on our designed products, including power line carrier communication chips, communication modules, and the power information collection terminal, etc.
The Kernel Technology of the Company:
Power Line Communication Network and Data Exchange Technology
Power Line High Precision Synchronization and Rate Adaptive Spread Spectrum
Communication Technology
Chip Integration Technology
The LQ and ZC (etc.) series power line carrier communication chips and modules are our core competitiveness products in areas of the power line carrier communication, which maximise system integration and reduce production costs while ensuring the normal running of the embedded software.
Nationlly, our dominant designed carrier wireless dual channel communication system is one of the most reliable electric power communication systems with the most mature technique and the largest number of usages. and is also theprimary technical solution based on low-cost method to communication channel instability and huge number of users, etc..