Carrier communication program Dual - mode communication program High-speed carrier communication program Broadband carrier communication program Communication Terminals Energy monitoring program Medium voltage carrier

State Grid concentrator I

Communication protocol:Q/GDW1376.1-2013、Q/GDW1376.2-2013、Q/GDW1376.3-2013、IEC-61334、DLMS
Low voltage power user centralized meter reading, user side power voltage acceptable rate reading
Centrally meter-reading of low-voltage users, voltage qualification rate collection at user side
Power distribution transformer power loss evaluation by separate phase
Separate-phase power evaluation of distribution transformer
Statistical measure three phase power voltage acceptable rate
Statistic of three-phase voltage qualification rate
Statistical measure each harmonic ratio and total harmonic distortion factor
Statistic of harmonic ratio and total harmonic distortion
Inside installed Ethernet port
Ethernet communication port embedded
Remote communication channel support GPRS、CDMA、4G,etc
Local communication channel using low-voltage power line carrier, micro-power wireless, broadband carrier, dual-channel carrier, RS-485 and other communication mode
Technical Parameters
Working power supply:3*220V/380V ± 20%
Alternating current:1.5(6) A
Energy Measuring accuracy:Active 0.5、reactive 1
Working environment:Temptature-45℃~+85℃,Relative humidity ≤ 100%
Power consumption ≤ 10W/15VA
Startup time ≤ 5s
Service life ≥ 10 years