Carrier communication program Dual - mode communication program High-speed carrier communication program Broadband carrier communication program Communication Terminals Energy monitoring program Medium voltage carrier


Carrier frequency:270kHz±15kHz
Carrier communication rate:420bps/840bps/1260bps
Serial port baud rate(self-adaption):1200bps、2400bps、4800bps、9600bps
Active registration, automatic reporting,dynamic networking,automatic routing
Support Q/GDW376.2-2009, Q/GDW1376.2-2013 standards and extension protocol
Support node sense, node relay, phase identification
Routing module supports remote and local upgrade
Automatically searches meter file in transformer area
Automatically learn and automatically optimize meter reading path
Automatically senses network topology changes, automatically design network topology reconfiguration
In line with the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid standards