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ZC1781 Carrier communication chip

Data Interfaces and Communication Protocols:DL/T645-1997、DL/T645-2007
Carrier frequency:270kHz±15kHz BFSK,Carrier communication rate:420bps/840bps/1260bps
Kernel:High performance 32 bit processor,Working frequency62.5MHz
PLC zero-crossing detection
Two-way communication:Nodes automatically and automatically register and events automatically report
Communication interface:UART,1200bps/2400bps/4800bps/9600bps(self-adaption)
Power consumption:Static power consumption≤0.25W,Dynamic power consumption≤1.5W
Depth:15 level relay
Carrier receiving sensitivity:80uVrms
The compression of the data frame improves the transmission efficiency of it.